Which pump to buy?

So I’m setting up a softwash system and looking for a 5gpm 12v pump. Been reading reviews and they get conflicting outcomes. What the most reliable pump out there today?

The one you flush out at the end of every job.

Honda vs. Toyota
Coke vs. Pepsi

Everyone will have an opinion and there are bad batches at times of most brands.


You pay a little more and it lasts a little longer (generally). The honest answer is: Just buy 2. Keep a backup on hand. :+1:

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Went with the delavan 7gpm.

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If you have one, you have none. Buy a second one to keep on the truck.


I planned on ordering another one once I got my next job done. Would y’all recommend getting quick connects on this somehow to make it easy to swap on the job?

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