Which pump is better or the one to go with?



Just go with the regular one. They run on sale all the time for $139. Sign up on their( Northern Tool) website for an account and they’ll send you coupons regularly… Don’t buy thru Amazon.

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also this https://pressuretek.com/5800-series-5-gpm-12-volt-pump/ ???

Buy the Northstar 5.5.


think i need an accumulator with that pump?

Don’t need one

I’m looking at the 1/2" braided poly 200ft and some manual reel . suggestions

Best i can offer as suggestion. Haven’t built one myself yet. But the beginners list appears to suggest that exact pump your looking at and has suggestions your looking for.

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You made a thread earlier about a 12 volt system and you are still asking the same questions. You need to go read. I found everything I needed to know through old forums and asking of course but it seems you’re not even trying. Google


Why’s that? I’ve been using the second one he linked and I love it. It has a switch so I didn’t have to do any extra wiring, and it cuts itself off if it detects a leak. Also the entire head can be replaced if you burn it up, for $45 instead of $150.

That’s pretty legit.