Which pump have I

Got given a tractor pto washer for free this evening. I would guess it’s about 20 years old. I have to replace the pto guard and I put a spare unloader I had on it to try it and it seems to be working fine. No plate on it anymore, so wondering if anyone can knows what model of pump it is. I am guessing a Hawk, but don’t know.

Any ideas.

Looks like a hawk/karcher/legacy hcr650 maybe


That pump is older than he is :joy:


Given that I don’t know what the pump is, would 3000 psi be a good guess at setting the unloader with a 06 nozzle. ?

Without measuring the stroke and diameter of the plungers I’d say it’s a 4.8gpm pump. I’d take it up to 3500 psi without a worry.


Not a chance I just turned 42

Rubber Mallets Have Been Around Since Before That Pump Was Made lol

Nonsense. Nothing on the 2 photos indicates potential flow.

When you look at enough cases it does. He’ll spin and we’ll see. Do you know what a educated guess is? Look at the caps they’re puny using the manifold for reference.

I think I see a small friendly bet coming.
Wait lemme check

Yep !!

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It’s not the only one in existence, tracked down an advert from 2 years ago, this guy said it’s a hawk pump and claimed 3600 psi .

Spin it for me son! I want to hear @dperez say seeee! I was close :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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