Which one do you like the best?

Roof snot, ezcling or cling-on

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The one and only. The original. The one that makes my wife curl up her cute little nose a bit when I call it out by its proper name.


Roof Snot or Cling On…we use them both & are great products…never heard of the other.

What soap do you guys use for a general housewash?

Elemmonator…don’t think I spelled that right :slight_smile:


You just had an extra m


Cant go wrong with roofsnot/lemonaid combo or Elomonator. They are both great products I’d almost consider necessities to have in your truck

Roof snot for roofs, and elemonator for house washing

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

Roof Snot & Fresh Wash.

John Devine. allwashedupny.com

Roof Snot & Simple Cherry.

I will not wash a roof in Louisiana without TSP though.

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Snot all the way!!


Down here, adding a few pounds of TSP greatly helps remove stubborn stains that require sometimes multiple coats of soap. I can literally cut back my roof SH by 15-20% with the right blend of TSP. Which means it’s better for run off and my lungs/skin. Also using less mix is always good for everyone. I usually mix TSP in a 5 gal the day before it’s needed to its fully diluted. And when combined with the mix it is a great thickener. Once I put 2 pounds of TSP in a 7 gal bucket with 2/3 water 1/3 15%SH and within minutes the mix thickened so much my pumps would not even suck it up! That’s my opinion on it. Will not touch a roof without it. (***dont let it run off onto windows,I read that TSP can etch glass if left to dry(haven’t seen it happen but sure don’t want to find out either ) *** ground guys a must when roof washing. )

LA Pressure Washing LLC
“Taking Pride In What We Do For You”

Great explanation! Thanks! I may have to try a little TSP in my mix next time