Which machine would you buy?

Hello everyone. I would like to hear everyone’s pro’s and cons for these 2 Pressure washers. I’m in the process of buying my equipment and would like to know which pressure washer would be a better buy. I’m looking at the 8gpm @ 3000psi belt drive skid mount with the general pump, Honda GX630 engine from Pressure Tek or the Water Dragon 8gpm @ 3500psi belt drive skid mount with udor pump, Honda GX690 engine from Power Wash Store. I’m looking to do residential washing and flatwork. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the link to the Pressure Tek machine:

Here is the link to the Power Wash Store machine:

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I prefer Udor but bear in mind the numbers are false on both machines. you can get 8 gpm from both machines but the stated pressures are physically impossible with the horsepower. more like 2500 and 3000 psi.

William, I’m just curious how that works. My pressure pro 8gpm 3500 reads 3500 pressure on tbe gauge. Does that mean since I’m pushing that pressure, it’s taking away from my GPM?

Yes. You can’t get both with the that horsepower. I’ll dig up the formula.

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Thank you for your response. I’ve searched on here before and seen someone ask a similar question with multiple machines. You responded that you prefer the Udor pumps and posted a picture of your pressure washer. You also said something to the effect that the exhaust was cheaply made and the belt drive would be hard to work on with this machine. Do you mind telling me the specifications of your pressure washer. Thanks again

(Gpm x psi)/1100

You need 26 hp for 8 at 3500

Mine are honda 690’s with udor gkc 8gpm pumps. I’ve never owned a pressure gauge and couldn’t tell you the psi. But it ain’t 3500 psi lol. If you need to save some money and buy a store bought machine over a custom one I would go with Bob at pressuretek even though his is a general pump. He is one of the few that doesn’t support the pwna, uamcc or their ilk.


While I’ve received nothing less than steller service from Bob, if I had it to do over again, without a doubt I’d have gotten the machine with the Udor pump.

To really get what you need they need to be custom made. Assembly line products are a one size fits all deal and no one is the same size.

Thank you two guys for your responses. What do you mean by this “one of the few that doesn’t support the pwna, uamcc or their ilk”? Why wouldn’t you want him to support any of these organizations? @anon1966941 why would you go with the pressure washer with the udor pump over the one you have now? I enjoy reading all of you 2 guys posts when I’m on here. A wealth of knowledge from the both of you. Thanks again guys.

Ask William about the dry run test done on both pumps. From my understanding, Udor is by far the better pump. The generals, not that great.

Udor is by far the best out there. Research the two org’s. I can think of no other entity that has hurt this industry or done more to sell out the contractor’s than pw*a. Long history of shopping bmp’s to municipalities in order to sell equipment and reclaim. You gotta make that decision on your own. I have known and studied the players and none are there for the contractors.

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If I run out of water I don’t run shut the machine off. I just wait for the water to catch up. Udor’s don’t much care if they pump water or air lol. Lot’s of data on them running dry for hours. Big, beefy brass rods and over engineered. Everything that could be right on their pressure washer pumps but seriously lacking on their diaphragm pumps.

Anything from Pressurtek over Power Wash Store. They’re customer service has gone way down hill.

I love Paul but the guy Bill is rude. He lied to me when Paul was selling a dual 12 volt pump system a few years ago and told me they would pump in tandem. They didn’t. That lost me as a customer. I think I sold it to @GuyB for about half what i paid for it.

Get the pressure pro