Which is better?

Ok so I’ve been reading all the threads and still haven’t be able to tell if I should go with fresh wash or roof snot for roof and HWing. I got some SC for HWing but if there is something better to use I would definitely like to know. Thanks

Fresh Wash is for house washing. Use about an ounce per gallon of mix. It will enhance the bleach, aid in cleaning, and mask the smell. Some people use it for roof cleaning. This makes sense if you need to up the power without adding more bleach or if the smell is an issue. Typically this is overkill for roof cleaning.

Roof Snot is for roof cleaning. It is a foaming agent that helps your mix stick on steep roofs. Use about a quart per 50 gallons of mix.
Some people use it for house washing but this is not its intended purpose and will require very thorough rinsing because it is designed to cling.

We’ve used a .oz of each in our mix for housewashing and makes a difference on a really dirty house for cling, but like Thad said, you really got to rinse.

We did a townhome community recently with 3 oz. RS per five gallon. Clung good, rinsed well.

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Just for the heck of it, I rinsed a roof once while using snot. Needles to say it stuck really well & a pita to rinse off. I wouldn’t use it for a house wash no need to IMO. But to each his own.

What about green wash? What’s it best for?

Oh, boy.


You’re much better off with Fresh Wash as opposed to Green Wash. It doesn’t work as well and it’s expensive. There have been numerous complaints about Green Wash, including packaging errors and such. Fresh Wash is made by PowerWash.com - so you can trust that it’s made to spec and is a quality product.

I wouldn’t touch green wash with a 10ft stick…

Roof Snot for roofs and simple cherry or fresh wash for houses…

Buy them both and add them to your arsenal on what you need to clean with. Between the two you will be that much ahead of your local competitors.

Sounds good thanks

Gotcha… Thanks for advice