Where to mount my unloader block?


I’m really tempted to mount the block to the belt guard. That’s probably a dumb idea. I’ve got a 1 foot whip line for the block - I don’t really want to move the unloader back to the other side of the pump. But that probably makes the most sense.

What would you do, @Innocentbystander?

On a related note: how dumb would it be to use an m22 coupler instead of JIC fittings to allow an easier change out of the unloader? I would use blue threadlock to keep it from uncoupling itself.

And lastly, what does everyone recommend for a replacement unloader? I’d like to have one on hand before this one goes on me.


Your belt guard won’t hold up to an unloader. I can’t tell what your trailer is made of but if it’s metal you have lots of options. I’d mount it on the other side of the pump. I’ve tried quick connects, straight nipples, 22mm and jic for the unloaders. I prefer jic but that’s just me. Let me know the length for your optimum set up and I’ll dig thru the barrel and see what I have.


I’ve been using Zeromatics now for three years and love em


JIC fittings? I’m not familiar…what are they?


The swivel makes it easier to change out the unloader. IB has recommended them before. I’m probably gonna use the m22’s for now, since I already have some on hand.


Cool. Thanks for the info!