Where to get SH in Michigan

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Been lurking for a few weeks. What a great forum this is. I’ve read up on most of the SH supplier topics I could find. I’ve found two suppliers of SH in Michigan, Haviland has a minimum order of $350 for 2-3 drums and the other one wants the same for one barrel. My problem is I wont use two drums before winter hits here and I’m not storing it for 5 months in my garage. It will break down and I just simply don’t want it near my house. Does anyone know a supplier that sells drums individually (or lesser quantity’s no less than 25 gallons)? Even better(wishful thinking) is if they ship to residential.

@Deeman Mike, any thoughts?

Hey Timmay, welcome to the group, there’s some great people here! I am still searching for a SH bulk supplier too. I am still using the gallon jugs which is getting old.

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What part of Michigan are you in? I can help look around.

No one ships to residential. I’ve tried for years. We use Univar now. Probably best off sticking with gal jugs for now unfortunately. Menards has the best price on it last I checked

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Hi @Deeman, check out Haviland. They were by far the cheapest I found. But if your like me I cant justify a 165 gallon order with this little of time left in the season.

Thanks @Cleaningbro! It looks like they are the cheapest around me as well. And they sell the concentrated at 8.25% SH.

Don’t get the 8.25% at Menards, get Pool Shock, it’s 12.5%. I’ve used that 8.25% in a pinch in late fall and early spring when Pool Shock is out of stock. Yes it will work, but 12.5% works so much better

Depends if you’re strictly downstreaming (I know you do, but not everyone does) or proportioning. If you’re running a proportioner, then it’s just a matter dialing it in to get the same % at the gun.

Well from a cost standpoint as well. The 8.25% is cheaper, but the 12.5% is 1.5x stronger, so even if you dial in to get the same final %, the 12.5% is a better deal.

Hi @Nickski , huh I assumed(i know the saying) that pool shock would have other unwanted chemicals. Upon investigation it looks to be the same thing. I’m batch mixing right now with 12v (I’ve only got a few small jobs lined up until they get my website up and going).Is there a formula as to how much shock to make 5 gallons of 12.5 SH?

5 gallons of 12.5 SH, you won’t be able to get 12.5 out of 8.25 pool shock. It will always be 8.25, if that helps.

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@Kentucky1234 I guess I could have phrased that better. I grew up where shock was powder form in our pool. How many gallons of 12.5% will a 1lb bag of shock net me? I’m looking now and it seems Menards carries 12.5% shock in liquid form. If I know how much a lb of powder shock will net I can compare it to liquid form to see the best ROI. My convertor is saying I would need 10lbs of powder shock to equal 1 gallon but that cant be right.

I’m not certain if any of us use the powder or tablet form of pool shock. We are buying the liquid form and diluting it down as needed for batch mixing purposes.

Thanks @PPWofLexSC .I’ve read a lot of your comments over the last couple weeks. Glad to finally meet you ! :beers:

My bad, I would just get the liquid form of sh if it was me.

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Well hopefully you learned something from all of my poor decisions and foolishness! Welcome to the party…I mean, um, forum!

yeah, price per % is obviously the critical component in evaluating there

Not only that, quantity you have to buy. Bulk is easy, by the bottle you want to save a much as possible.

You want the cheapest per unit rate no matter how you buy it…If it was way cheaper in 1 gallon jugs, I’d buy it that way if it cut overall costs…