Where to find IBC totes that are smaller than 275gal.?

I can’t find an IBC caged water tank that’s smaller than the standard 275 gallon tank.

The 275 is 46 inches tall (or about), which is too tall for my trailer on account of a ladder rack. I’d like to keep the rack!

I’ve heard people mention a 250gal IBC caged tote, but I can’t find one online new or used. I also can’t find dimensions for anything other than the 275 and 330.

Is there such a thing as a smaller size IBC caged tote or is it some myth? What are the dimensions? Where can I find them??

Appreciate the help!


I’m guessing it’s a myth/mistake. The IBC totes are designed to fit on a standard shipping pallet, and stack to a standard height. Their dimensions dictate their capacity.

I would keep an eye out for rectangular water tanks, like those used for mobile detailing. They won’t have a cage, but they don’t need one.

Why not just get a small horizontal leg tank? You can get them as small as you want.

And they are much safer

I appreciate your helpful direction!

It turns out to be a misunderstanding! 275gal are the same as 250gal. They are marked for 250, but will carry 275 fully loaded. At any rate, that won’t do for me.

I’m having difficulty finding tanks that are capable of having a float valve dropped in through an added bulkhead fitting. The ones I’ve seen are too small (under 100gal) to warrant a float valve. Or they have too many grooves in the plastics to cut in a bulkhead fitting well.

Not to mention, these tanks a surprisingly expensive. Price was the main reason I was looking at IBC, besides the fact that they are easy to plumb out.

Thanks anyway for all your help!

Is this not an option?

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I have one of the smaller totes. they are 175 gl I think.

I used to think small tanks didn’t warrant a float valve either until I started overflowing, lol. I only use a 35 gallon buffer tank and I have a float valve installed. I run a 5.5 gpm machine so most times the house faucet could feed the machine directly but I do occasionally come across a low pressure house so I just use the small buffer just in case. It’s better than starving my pump. But a float valve is useful for any size tank if it’s being used as a buffer.

175 Gal

I use the 125. I used a 1 1/2" whole saw to core a hole in the lid so I didn’t destroy the tank itself. Works like a champ. It is looser than I like I just put a hose clamp at the 90 where enter the lid to prevent it from slipping up and down due to water putting pressure on the float valve.