Where to find belt-drive pulleys and the such?

HI y’all I’ve been looking to build my own pressure washer and decided on going for a belt-drive but I can’t seem to find the stuff I need for it anywhere. Are there any websites for pressure washer parts you would recommend? Thanks in advance!

There are plenty that I would recommend. Which ones have you researched, what size pulley are you going to order and what are your designs?

Search Dodge, Browning or Martin sheave

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Go with a gear drive, cheaper, less maintenance, and smaller footprint.


Bolt on a geardrive with a few bolts and be done with it. There is no reason to pick a belt drive over a geardrive, Hondas and good quality pumps don’t just seize to a halt, that’s the only reason you would pick a belt drive if your of the paranoid kind. And who doesn’t want more room on there rig. Think about it.

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For me I can think of two reasons…to drive a pump AND a 2KW generator head

I can understand that, but that’s more of a specialised setup, within the general scope of cold water exterior cleaning it’s no more reliable than a gearbox but has the potential for slipping belts, snapped belts, alignment issues, squeaks, takes up more room and the need to carry spare belts. plenty of people recommend belt drives but never have a view on why they recommend it over a geardrive. You could say it’s cheaper than a gearbox setup but than you would also follow the cheap pattern and recommend a predator over a Honda or Kohler etc


Do V belts slip a tiny bit you betcha and it doesn’t matter, I’ve never snapped a belt in 20 plus years, you can run a 5/8" width belt out of alignment up to a full belt width off and it’s not going to care, I’ve never heard one of my belts squeak, yes you will have a bigger footprint, no you don’t need to carry belts with you in the truck. My belts last over two years on a pump and a year on the itty bitty generator pulley. If I ran cold machines I would run it belted since I don’t run pumps at their max rpm nor their engines so that’s my why


Thank you for answering. I am not sure, I want to build the machine by myself. I have a Honda GX 690 engine and I want to buy a 5000 PSI pump (4.5 GPM). I am not sure which pulley to buy for that or who could help me with that.

Just curious why you want a 5000 psi pump? What do you plan on cleaning? For most pressure washers gpm is usually more important than psi to a certain extend. It does depend on what your plans are though.

I decided to build it on my own since I don’t exactly have money to spare and it seems cheaper but I’m honestly having quite a bit of trouble finding what I need and I’m not even sure if it actually is cheaper. @marinegrunt I wanna use it mainly for drain (sewer) cleaning and also for general pressure washing jobs so that’s why I’d like the high pressure.

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If you have the pump already picked out I would call the manufacturer and talk to them. If they can’t help you call the pulley manufacturers that @dperez mentioned further up. They’ll need to know how many rpm’s the engine turns and what the pump is suppose to turn.

I’m not sure if this will help.

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