Where to buy this Quick Connect

Hey everybody. Fairly new to the game I just started my business a couple weeks ago. Can someone help me locate this QC? I’ve been using the stock gun that came with the pressure washer but would like to upgrade. I bought a Suttner gun, 12 in lance with 1/4 in threads and I have a jrod. I need a quick connect at the end of the lance to connect to the Jrod but cannot seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated.

It’s just a basic 1/4" female quick connect. We basically only use 3/8" and 1/4" quick connects on everything. 3/8" is for everything before the gun and 1/4" is after the gun.


I’m new as well, but I would order at least 2 if not more of these. The guy I spoke with at PT advised on replacing the one that came with the lance ASAP and put me on these. He was 100% correct the one that came with the machine was junk.

The one that came with your machine was probably brass or zinc. Always go with stainless fittings. You should also pickup some viton o-rings and swap out the epdm that come in most of them.

Anytime you buy a coupler, buy a dozen. I like to keep about 3 dozen of every type and multiple dozens of both size orings.

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Do you have somewhere you get them cheaper by the dozen?

‘Cause otherwise, remember that not everyone has to buy their elemonator by the drum to keep up with their workload :wink:

I like to keep two or three spares on hand for each coupler and fitting. As a solo operator, that keeps me going for the year, at least.

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True. I couldn’t tell you what I pay for anything really. My bins get stocked and the invoices are emailed. I don’t open emails so either my wife pays them or I give my Landa guy a check for whatever he says I owe when I stop in for coffee or to chat. Pretty laid back payment system we have worked out :slight_smile:

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