Where is the best place to purchase Hose Reels and Hoses? Affordable? For SoftWashing

Please let me know a good place to purchase my hose reels? We have built a tandem axel 6 1/2 by 14 feet tailer and need to complete it ASAP!!! I am from NJ where can I purchase affordable hose reels? Need one for soft Washing, pressure washing, and water hose…

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Google is your friend. You have to decide what brands you want to purchase.

Absolutely love these make sure to get the 18" reels


I know about pressure Tek and all of the big store’s. What type of brand would anyone perfer?

We run electric hannay reels and have had great service from them

Hannay is considered the best. Many fire departments use them.

I bought Titan aluminum reels because of the weight, resistance to corrosion, and I don’t have employees to break them on me.

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I am just starting out so I don’t have the cash for the best. I purchased this one and am happy with it.

Where is the best place to purchase Hannay Hose Reels? I need one for my pressure pro hot water skid 5.5 gpm 3000 psi and one for my 12v setup…

Just ordered one from sprayer depot Friday. Should be in tomorrow according to ups. Total cost was 277 and some change.

Edit: I ordered the hannay reel 1520-17-18

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Mine are on the way they were back ordered 3 weeks

My local hydraulic supply store has them.

I bought my Kuritech SW hose from Lori at PWP. Good price and customer service. If you can buy it local it’ll be cheaper after shipping. Good luck.