Where does your equipment sleep at night?

So you buy an truck and a trailer. Where do you keep yours at night?

Storage Unit

Any creative solutions where you keep your truck at night?

I have a garage to keep my trailer in but I am looking down the road now so that I know my options in the future. I have checked with many of the storage unit companies and they either have too small of spaces for trucks and trailers or their 40x40 units are sold out.

We have looked at a few small warehouses that are of reasonable cost.

Share your experience dealing with where you keep your equipment as you have grown from a small one vehicle company to a multiple vehicle company.

Sleeping at night? Just keep it going round the clock and you won’t have that problem. :slight_smile:

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Any of you guys that have multiple units willing to share where you keep your units.

Do you have plenty of room at home or have you had to rent out space to store them?