Where do you guys buy your tanks?

I was looking at these tanks, but before I decide to buy one, i wanted to see where you all got yours from. Do you think these are good options? What are your thoughts?

Shipping is the real killer on these tanks

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I think I got mine from plastic-mart.com.
the shipping cost me almost $150 though. crazy

We have a place in Knoxville TN, I guess they are going out of business. They are selling 275gal tanks for $30.

Hot Daniel that’s low priced. But that shipping…

Tractor or agri supply

X 2…

No local agrisupplys but I’ll try tractor supply tomorrow.

I had shipping quote say 6 weeks. Ridiculous

Every tank I priced from anywhere was ridiculous. Check craigslist.

Tractor supply and Craigslist. Blaines farm and fleet. Feldmans.

I get our 275 gallon totes from a guy on Craigslist for $60.

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If u live close to a furniture Factory or any other factory the usually have the 275 gal tanks setting out back, if u go talk to them they may just give u one. I paid $40 for mine from a Lil yard sale store we have here in my town.
I have a 50gal tank I just got last week from a guy for free just by asking, if he came across another one like that at a good deal would he let me know, next thing I know he telling me I could have it and he refused to take my money.

Deals are everywhere just have to be willing search and to be patient.

Also Facebook market place has a lot on there when I search water tanks

100 gallon tank from northern tool for $120 but was about $100 shipping also.

65 Gallon Tank for $124.99 + $18.08 for shipping


That’s definitely the cheapest I’ve seen it.

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I live near a northern tool. I might go that route and just have a frame made for it.

Some Northern Tools don’t carry them in the store but I would defiantly check it out. Tractor Supply also has some in store but they are more expensive. I bought a 35 gallon at tractor supply for $99. I also bought 2 100 gallons on Amazon for $200 each which included shipping but now it says they are unavailable.

Ya northern tool has 50 gallons for $120. Not free standing so ill have to get a frame made. Amazon doesn’t seem to have anything better than 26 gallon.

Check out my post above with the Amazon link for 65 Gallon Tank for $124.99 + $18.08 for shipping

You can often find white 55 gallon drums from craigslist for $15-30.

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