Where do you guys buy your supplies from?

I recently had a member here ask me that question. I prefer eLemonator house wash and other sundries from Bob at Pressure Tek.

Russ from SouthSide Equipment has some of the best roof surfactant that I’ve ever used. Roof Snot

Who are some of your favorite suppliers?

Bob for some items, local supplier for bleach and parts. I have used The Pro Sealer store for some items. I also tried some different suppliers for stain this year because I wanted to try some different ones.

Pressuretek. Sunbrite supply. Looking forward to doing business with Russ at Southside.

BOb pt

Russ southside

Local CSC

Southside Equipment

Pressure Tek.

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If its not an exclusive product like eliminator or roof snot. I always go with Bill and Paul at powerwashstore and Jason Wellman at KEC you cant beat their prices and excellent customer service.

So far…

Pressure Tek

Some from American Pressure Wash Outlet (pressurewashoutlet.com)

WCR (Roof Snot)

Pressure Tek

We have switched all business over to Powerwash.com. Bob always took great care of me as well. Just met the guys from powerwash.com and we clicked. Their service and products are perfect for us. They really go above and beyond.

The majority of things I buy are from Envirospec because I’ve been dealing with John Allison for 15yrs+. I also receive a 10% military discount from him and because we buy a lot from him most months I get reward bucks to use every month.
After that in no specific order over the years I bought & still buy from Sunbrite Pressure Washer Equipment and Supplies [url=http://www.powerwash.com]Power Washers, Supplies, Chemicals, Repair, and Training [url=http://www.acrproducts.com]ACR Products, Inc. [url=http://www.ptstate.com]PTState and the newest Vendor I just bought some vacuum attachments from Tracy Handle from [url=http://www.pressurewashoutlet.com/]Pressure Wash Equipment Pressure Wash Supplies for Power Washing

Duplicate post.

Just Bob, he is the man

Well, and Tim of course. Assuming that you need some awesome Yard Signage.

Really cool full color yards signs here with great PWRA discounts available.

Mostly: Pressure Tek, PowerWashStore, and ACR Products (for my stains)

I have bought from others like Sunbrite, Envirospec, Powerwash.com and my local supplier, but not near as much the first two listed above.

If Bob at pressure Tek or Russ at Southside don’t have it for pressure washing equipment, you don’t need it. I have bought some specialty chems from Powerwash.com but buy the bulk of my chems from Bob and Russ.

We get our supplies from different places (guess depends on what we need and how soon … oh and price too)

some vendors that we are:

  • Soap Warehouse
  • Pressure Tek
  • Univar
  • eBay
  • Lowe’s and/or Homedepot


Local for Sodium Hypo and Sodium Hydro

Local AG place fro poly fittings etc.

Bob at pressuretek and Ken at xterior both are great guys to talk to and the customer service I receive from them is priceless. Ken is local so I find myself going there just to hang out and treat myself to a couple new parts just for the heck of it sometimes

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