Where do people find the most business?

I was just curious as to where people find most of their work?

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Everywhere you go, something needs to be cleaned. Where do you see yourself doing business?

All Clean Power Washing Solutions, LLC

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Most of our work finds us. Marketing Plan.

I have a broad range I try to cover as I’m in a smaller city I believe specialising in one area will not be profitable as there wouldn’t be enough work. As I gain experience and work out where the most work and profit is I will push for more advertising towards those areas but at the moment just trying to cover everything anything and getting my name out there. I have previous experience in fleet washing so pushing for that and have a little bit of residential from rooftops to driveway cleaning and sealing to commercial being I out in my first tender for a 3 story car park.

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I do a fair amount of multi-insert mailers. I have a lot of repeat and referral business. I do Google Adwords for gutters and roof cleaning and I pay seo for ranking on Google and Bing.

Pro Long Roof Care and Repair

repeat is my goal

What do you find your repeat interval to be? I think that annual service will be hard to sell in my area, as a washed house seems to stay clean for a couple of years. (but this is just my first year in the biz)

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We get most of our work through online and also good ole fashioned marketing like door hangers, word of mouth, and yard signs. I would suggest you start with those and you should have a good basis to work with.

Thanks tiger wash iv been doing plenty of mail drops and put my signs around town

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I’m curious if anyone here had tried bidslot .

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What would you say your ROI is for Google Adwords?

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