Where do I get the 12% sodium hypochlorite

I live in Hot Springs, AR.

[]No pool supply house
]No call back from water co.
Where else can I get this stuff?

I used to get mine from a pool supply house.

Now I get it from an agriculture distributor…benefit of living in Wisco!

Seriously though, any ag. supplies place should have 12%. They need it
for farm maintenance.

Hardware store, chem supplier. Ask for liquid pool chlorine. Most don’t know what sh is.

Talked to farm association…no luck, but I called a pool supply and they have 78% powder. Can I use that and just dilute it down?

Darn. That is too bad.

I do not have experience with the powder. My opinion though is try to
find the liquid. Having to mix the powder into the solution is a pain.

I have to mix 8 oz of Simple Cherry in my solution and I hate doing even that.

I agree w Clark. Look up Chem suppliers and research into different pool supply houses.

No it can leave a white film that is difficult to get off.In a bind you can use regular bleach in your mix. Use 4 gals of 6% bleach and 3/4 gals of water. It will be about the same strength as using 2 gals 12% sh and 2 gals of water…

Kyle we now premix the simple cherry with hot water and carry it in a 5 gal continer. Just add a gal,of the simple cherry mix to your hw mix. We use 8ozs by volume of sc per gal hot water.

Clark, Would you please reply w/the mixing instruction/amount of 12%, H20 and simple cherry…I saw it somewhere but can’t find it. Thanks

Nevermind, you already did

I agree with Clark. Stay away from powder!!

There’s a Univar in Jacksonville, AR. Univar is a large supplier of sodium hypochlorite. If they wont’ sell direct to you, or their minimum is too high, it’s possible they may tell you who they sale to, and you may be able to purchase from them.

There’s also a Brenntag in Harrison, AR. Same deal, they may provide you with a dealer who is closer to you who they supply SH too.

How’s this look to everyone? Is there anything that looks weird on this? I’m thinking about getting a 15 or 55 gallons drum of SH from here.
Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%

David, even by my prices here in Canada the 15 gallon works out to almost $12.00 dollars a gallon.
Seems rather expensive to me. The 55 gallons is a far better deal at $5.36 a gallon,but I am sure
others far more experienced than I would agree, I do not know how busy you are this time of the
year,but the last thing you do want is a lot of 12.5% bleach sitting around doing nothing, except
breaking down and getting weaker. Just my two cents! :smiley: Best regards.

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.

'Spensive! And that doesn’t even include freight cost. If you’ve already tried all the pool supply places to no avail, try finding out who services any public pools in your area. They may be willing to arrange an on-site meet up when they’re there doing the pool service. I have a connection with the company that services the pool down the road, and they gave me a price of $36 for a 15 gallon drum (plus a one-time deposit for the container)

so they drop ship to a 15 gallon drum you already have?

I haven’t actually taken delivery of one yet, but I will in the spring. I believe what they’ll probably do is swap containers with me at the pool. But if they were able to pump it directly into an empty container on my trailer, that’d be even better; we’ll see. Either way, it’s going to be loads better than buying gallon jugs at the dollar store :slight_smile:


We have ours delivered from Tampa via tanker every Friday. Odyssey Manufacturing is the name of the company who makes it. They set up the 2000 gallon tank and maintain it throughout our contract. Most SH is made along the gulf coast and delivered all over the country.

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Your lucky Ryan. Here in Vero Beach we only get up to 11%. Still works very well but stronger is always better IMO.

I found liquid pool chlorine 10% in Kmart $4.95 a gallon