Where Can I get these

@An0nymousGh0st I have used these to mend / replace a hose end. I don’t believe these are stainless, but it held up well.

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I’m mainly looking for the soft wash version that is stainless. The ones I found were 45.00 bucks a piece. I just looked at my hose I got from there 2 years ago & it doesn’t say “316 SS” on the ends but it’s held up really well. Just looking for a spare in case something happens.

It’s a hose barb adapter and a ferrule

@An0nymousGh0st My mistake, didn’t read your post very closely.

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I found some fittings that are carbon steel. It says corrosion resistant so maybe they’ll work. HOW DO YOU CRIMP THE HOSE??? WHAT TOOL DO YOU NEED???

If it’s carbon steel the only “corrosion resistant” thing they can do is plate them. If you are looking for something to handle SH finding a s/s hose barb (hose barb to male pipe) shouldn’t be too difficult but attaching it to a hose and running it at high pressure could be a problem. What is the corrosion resistance needed for, better said what’s the application and what pressure?

Its for 1/2" softwash hose.

Sorry for their delay, has been a crazy season, even the 4th of July break hasn’t really materialized. This is what I use, is Kuriyama hose with stainless steel hose barb attached with a punch-lok band. You can buy the tool and DIY but most good hose houses can do this for you.