Where can i get an xjet over nighted?


Taking on a large commercial job starting this Thursday. It consists of cement and dryvit wall all around, to get some of the heavier stuff we planned on using our air diaphragm for a higher percentage but due to a mishap with the lift rental, the air system will not be able to shoot high enough and we will be needing to use an xjet. I did not order one yet because i didnt plan on needing it and did not need it thus far. Where can i order one and have it by Wednesday?! Or if anybody has an extra and would be willing to sell or let me take it for a test ride for a few days it’d be greatly appreciated!


Specifically using xjet for these types of areas




Only 2 sellers on amazon. Prices are $100 higher than trusted vendors and they dont have any over night options


What gpm psi you runing?


Hahaha… $205 wow.

Pressure Tek normally ships very quickly. I normally get my stuff in 2 days, 3 days tops.


8gpm sir


8gpm dang…I’ve got one but it’s for a 5.5


dang… What are your guys recommendations? We are running a 20% draw DS injector, im wondering if HW mix will even touch the stuff in the pictures… or possibly straight 12% DS with heavy surfactant on the tough areas.


Ya mines for 4gpm. Would of sent you it.


appreciate it anyway!


Nah that aint coming off with DS. We just did some work like that. Not sure about xjet but 12volt and 3-4% took it off.


well a straight 12.5% with surfactant through the 20% injector would give us roughly 2.5%… I figured DS wouldnt touch it but Lori is telling me it should be about the same as an xjet which would make sense seeing as their is still proportioners cutting the mix with an xjet. This is why the company was supposed to have our lift ready… would have been a no brainer with our air diaphragm on a lift!


Id call someone else.


not great with percentages but from what i can gather, open with no proportioner is going to be 3 parts water to 1 part chem so roughly 4%?


I dont use proportioners, only have to use for stucco areas or chimneys a few times a year. Works fine.


I’m sure if you called Pressure Tek or Pressure Washer Products they wouldn’t have a problem sending one overnight. If I had to guess I bet shipping will be $40-$50.


Try the Power Wash Store


58 E Broadway
Red Lion, PA 17356



i had just messaged lisa. Didnt want to call, wasnt sure if they were open today!


I’ll get you an xjet by Thursday.