Where can I find a mean green hose?

From what I’ve read here the best garden hose to use is the mean green but I can’t find it available for sale. Is it discontinued? If so , are there other recommendations for a good lightweight garden hose? I went to factory direct but im only seeing GatorHyde

Looks like that’s the case. Too bad, Mean Green was AWESOME. Looks like GatorHyde has all the same features and a lifetime guarantee though, so it should be worth a try. Factory Direct had been excellent to deal with, and their stuff is top-notch.

darn it, okay thanks, i’ll look into gatorhyde, some reviews on gatorhyde said it wasnt as lightweight as mean green but everything else seemed to be equal

True, but even “heavy” garden hose isn’t really that bad. Quality and durability are most important, in my opinion.


who buys black pressure washing hose ?