Where are yal getting 200'+ ft of continous pressure hose lately?

I recall people recommending united hose but then I read another thread that they weren’t using them anymore, forgot the reason. I’ve been ordering 100ft sections from pressuretek (I like their single wire sutnner) but I want to change to 200ft continuous

Jgb hose. Tim Tryniski.

You want 225’ of GRAY, non marking, single wire, Eagle Wash hose.


Awesome, thanks!

They have a couple different branches. You might contact the one closest to you. Shipping will be cheaper.



They have different sizes but I’ve been pleased with it.

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Tek doesn’t have the 200 ft blue Goodyear anymore. I was looking to get some hose this week as well and was disappointed to see it gone.

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I get my 200ft of hose from The Power Wash Store. 1 wire, gray, non-marking. It has worked well for me so far this season.

Hey @Sharpe, what hose did you go with?

I just ordered some from JGB Hose a few weeks ago. I was quoted 225’ Eaglewash 1 wire for $177 and 225’ of Eagleflex 2 wire for $239. Both in non marking gray. I got 225’ of one wire, 50’ of two wire, 20’ whip, and an 8’ whip. It came to like $381 which included $100 shipping charge. I’m ordering from this St. Louis store next to see if shipping is any cheaper for me. There’s a store in NC so you’re probably better off contacting them.

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JGB quoted me $195 for 200ft continuous with ends. Blue or Grey.

I had a really bad experience with eaglewash, two 1 wire sections burst after about a month’s use. Might have been a bad run or something, a local vendor who sold it to me said a lot of folks had same issue.

I just ordered a 200’ gray non marking 2 wire hose with stainless fittings from United hose (thanks for the hook @Innocentbystander ) and it was $371 with shipping. They take batches over the border and ship from the US. Still about $100 for shipping as it’s heavy. I had a 200’ gray Goodyear and it lasted like 3 weeks. Replaced the ends twice and it kept failing, not even at the ends each time but about 6” prior. I am sticking with 2 wire the one I got from United is substantial and I feel is a much higher quality and durability.

Hopefully I get longer than that! Seems like jgb is who most are using. I might have to look for another manufacturer. There’s a local place but can only get it in 100’ sections. Not that it’s that big of a deal but I like the continuous run.

@Seandz I ordered from United Hose last year. I think most use to but then their prices went up. I think I paid like $250 for 200’ of two wire and a couple whips. Shortly after is when IBS said their prices jumped. It lasted me about 8 months. I had a new fitting crimped on and it instantly blew about 5’ away from the end. I think I’m going to cut off about 20’ and crimp another end on. I’ll probably just keep it as a backup.

Are you using flow or pressure unloader?

Pressure unloader

I switched to jgb and have been happy.

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Have you been getting eaglewash 1 wire?

Yep. 200 and a 50 and join them with a union. I’ve got a couple pallets of hose from them the last year and it’s decent for the price

Odd, I wrote the eaglewash brand off after that.

Local guy found me my blue 200’ goodyear.

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