When is reclaiming necessary?

Under what circumstances does water need to be reclaimed in NYS? We have a reclaim system and have used it on other jobs in the past when necessary but they have all been in different states and have never done anything in NYS. I know each state is different. I was told in some areas, we can use a transfer pump and pump the water into near by landscape or down a sewer drain (sewer only not storm drains) is this possible in NYS or do we need to use a closed loop filter system and filter it before dumping?

I dont live anywhere close to NYC, but I imagine that this is a question that only code enforcement in the area could answer properly.

I know in cali, it can go to the landscape or sewer…

All depends on what you are cleaning and what you are doing. Cleaning parking garages and commercial buildings with chemicals and oils around you might be required to have a permit, wavier. etc.

I am not overly knowledgeable with the local regulations and laws with NY or NYC, however I am currently in the process of quoting a few commercial buildings and doing the run around to make sure I can legally do the work, so maybe I can offer some help.

I believe this is what you are looking for in regards to waste water and permits https://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6306.html
Contact them directly and they should point you in the right way for your directions.

As for working on commercial buildings where you are required to close streets or sidewalks. this should might help you. NYC DOT - Street Works Permits

Also keep in mind that if you are working within so many feet or transportation system you should inquire with these people. You may be required to get certifications or take mini classes that educate you on the dangers of working around these transport systems. New York City Department of Transportation

Lastly, always contact OSHA and the EPA to confirm that what you are doing is safe and legal.

Apologies if these links are not the right ones. I am still figuring it out for this state.

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Hi I’m trying to start a pressure washing business in nyc and can’t find any info on the above question, regard licenses reclaim laws , certifications , literally nothing comes up , nothing on permits licenses , required reclaim