When did the web page change?

Noticed it today “community” on the top right instead of the resources. I do like the layout changes for finding what you need quicker than the old way. Now pics for products…haven’t delved that deep yet.

We have been working on the site for the past couple of months. Finally pushed it live last night. I think we have successfully gotten all the window cleaning things out of your face :slight_smile:

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As a customer, it does have a cleaner interface “to me”. I started going through the products, but I would have to make a lot of notes, and I am not the PW expert to give you feedback.

If you need help finding items, I’m happy to assist.

862 312 2633

Thank you, @Chris!!!

Looks great! I love it!

I noticed the text font changed, too. Any reason?

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Any chance to get a night mode version i.e. dark background? My eyes bleed.

The old system was using 7 different fonts. I just want to get everything unified down to 2. Makes it all little easier to read :slight_smile:


Possibly a dark mode. Its a tad tricky.

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@Chris One thing I’ve noticed on the desktop is that there is quite a lag when I hit the back button to go the previously viewed page. It used to be almost instantaneous.

Mobile is fine though.

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Well check that out thanks for reporting it.