Whats your favorite surface cleaner for residential concrete work

It looks like I could get a Hydro Tek ANT4C for about $950. I really like the water broom on demand for rinsing driveways.

I’ll be running an 8gpm 3000psi cold water unit. All residential. Lots of driveways and sidewalks.

I was running a 20" hammerhead with a 5 gpm unit but upgraded units over the winter. The swivel is shot on that sc.

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We use mosmatic. I’m not saying the water broom option wouldn’t come in handy for certain things, but a separate water broom or just a wand would rinse faster. We use a water broom for rinsing and it is super fast by itself, but luging the SC around the whole drive again would be slower.

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We’ve had 2 of the Hydro Tek ANT4C, it’s a good surface cleaner but…It’s heavy, it has no skirt so water shoots out from underneath, the water broom & gum attachment (for us) was useless. The spray bar is too small (1/8" each side = 1/4" total) for machine flow over 6 gpm.

Big Guy with the 4 nozzle 1 bar set up will put you in your happy place…and may actually cost less.