Whats wrong with people

How do you have a commercial job with 40 3 story apartment complexes to clean and go on facebook asking what to charge? This is the facebook sites. If you cant figure out on your own what to charge, you are in way over your head. I see guys with 2 years in asking what to charge for a 500 sq ft driveway and what to do with a ball valve that they get with the ends opposite to their rigs. WTF. Turn the ball valve around or switch all your ends. WTF am I living in some alternate pressure cleaning universe? Go clean a few houses and figure out what your time is worth. Im answering basic questions to guys 2 years in. Man these mineral kids were raised without no idea of thinking on their own. BTW Racer, your answer to my question was spot on. Pump sprayed the inch thick mold with almost 10% and killed the rest of it with 3%.

It looks like a possibility. I love the way George Carlin said it back in the day, “The radio has 2 knobs on it. One turns it off & the other one changes the station.”