What's the best way to make an adjustable height hudson valve?

I’m currently building a pressure washing and softwash trailer. I have a 200 gallon buffer tank and I would like to have an adjustable height hudson valve so I can set it to hold less water when softwashing and quickly raise the valve if I plan on doing flatwork with my 8gpm surface cleaner.

I’ve seen one post where it was mentioned to put the hudson valve on a drop stick so it can be adjusted but does anyone have any pictures of a similar setup? I’m trying to figure out a reliable way of holding the dropstick in position with the weight of the supply hose attached. Any help would be appreciated.

ok, thread in like a 1.5in bulkhead, get a 8in section of 1.5in pvc and clearance the sides ask the easy thru it for the vice grips jaws can grab your 1in drop stick. you may be able to get away with cheap spring clips, not sure. adjust away.!!
basically you have a tube to run your dropstick and a way to capture it within the pvc “cage”.


Too many potential failure points for my tastes…

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I have a bypass plumbed up. So if I want to fill the tank past the Hudson I open the bypass and it can fill the tank 100%

i can’t picture that setup. for me if rather install another Hudson unless the bypass is better. I’m installing either a 65 gal or 55gal and having Hudson keep about 30gal limit in tank. getting rid of the 35gal buffer.

Is it a problem to just dump the excess when done?

No, I have a 2” drain so i open it, wrap up with customer and by that time it’s empty enough.

Super simple. Water comes in, tees to Hudson and from there goes to a 3/4” valve and then just into the tank.

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The more you over complicate a very simple process, well, the more complicated it becomes.


This is probably the easiest solution. I don’t anticipate needing more than 100 gallon buffer too often but when I do I could just use a bypass.

Most of our houses here use a well so I was trying to avoid filling a 200 gallon tank if I’m only doing a small softwash. I know I’ll use a lot of water during the job I just wanted to avoid dumping a full 200 gallons when I’m done. I guess I can just shut the feed off before the job is finished and try to time it so I don’t waste a lot of water.

oh ok. im not a fan of dumping water, it bothers me.


Wells are a whole other animal…our guys are trained to only run the water for 15 minutes at 15 minute intervals on & off to avoid any problems whatsoever. We just build that time loss into the package.

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That’s what I do and it doesn’t take too long before you can time it really close. I usually arrive and leave with the same small amount of water and no dumping.

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Interesting, is that year round, or just during the dry times?

We carry a surcharge year-round. Here it’s less about ground water levels than it is about whether it’s a decent producing well or not. Sometimes we have no issue, other’s it’s iffy. 99% of people can’t answer the “how is your well” question either. It’s erring to always on the safe side, but if we empty a single well, T&Cs will only go so far (and they’ll go nowhere in terms of the reputation hit). It’s so much easier to just ask if they have a well (and there’s a decent % that can’t answer that question, so we have to ask if they pay for water…lol). If they do, we just estimate at a different productivity level.


275gal IBC two Hudson valves. Simple and easy.