What's the best way to generate a client base?

I’m new to the window cleaning/pressure washing business and looking for the most cost effective method to generate jobs. I’m on a shoestring budget and classified ads make my phone ring, but they are cold calls from this company or that trying to sell me something. I’ve hit a bunch of store fronts with little success and have some word of mouth starting, but as I wait on my website designer to finish what he was supposed to have done 6 weeks ago I’m dying on the vine. I don’t want to do anymore advertising until my site is active…any suggestions PLEASE!


CJ Everson

Fliers or door hangers are the cheapest and most effective way to start up on a budget. Make up some fliers on a computer and have them printed at staples or office depot, what ever and spread them around in neighborhoods that you think have the disposable income to afford your services. I started out by printing out a decent looking flier using my computer and Staples printed them for 8 cents a piece. So for $80, I had 1000. I put them out and with in a couple days, the phone started ringing. Be consistent and put out fliers every month, till you can afford some professional door hangers or direct mail pieces. There are tons of threads on getting clients both here and on WCR. Good Luck.

Direct mail if you can afford it. Fliers if you’re on a tight budget.
Target one geographical area (preferably a large neighborhood or two) and hammer it. Keep up the mailers and make sure the neighbors see you driving your fully lettered vehicle through there frequently.
Don’t send out any cheap, home made advertising. Either get a piece professionally done or if you can afford it now join the PWRA and get immediate access to loads of pre-tested fliers, door hangers, and mailers.