What's the best roof cleaning method?

Getting some calls for roof washing. What’s the best method?

This applicator kit, I.e., pump.
This kit comes with everything you need except a battery, tank and wiring. Add the “Pump In A Box” upgrade and we’ll even take care of the wiring for you! - PUMP KITS

This surfactant
Cling-On is a proprietary blend of surfactants and dispersing agents that will not only thicken your mix it will also disperse your mix more evenly across the surface. Cling-on is also designed to rinse as well as it sticks. Just add 1 ounce of Cling

Mix four parts 12% hypo with six parts water.

Don’t kill any plants, don’t fall off the roof.

The ground man rules the job.

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Boom! I’m in that class!

Thanks for info as well!!! Looks like all I will need is a tank…what is a good suitable size tank?

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We started with a 55 gallon drum.

We did too…that got old quick though

How much do you mix at one time?

We have a couple of 80 gallon upright tanks on order to tighten up the truck layout but we seldom use more than 55 gallon on a roof.

30, 40, 50 gallons, depending on roof size. We use SouthSide’s Snot so it won’t hurt to mix a few extra gallons because it will keep.

So just 12 volt spray on the mix? Anybody rinsing it off?

I let it sit & work. I tried rinsing once & it took forever. I try to plan them when there is no rain for a few days. Let the sun break down the SH.

So I have a 65 gal. tank. I’ll need a half gallon of Cling On. I guess when I start getting jobs, 1 gallon at a time won’t cut it.

As a start up, you can get by just keeping a gallon or two ahead. With that, Bob ships so fast that he will have what you need in time for the job.

Tim4 i tried to pm you but can not yet i hope you dont mind but i emailed you through your website hoping that you can give me some pointers
Thanks and hope that was ok to do

Part of your email quoted below.

I have a few questions if you dont mind [COLOR=#b22222]I don’t[/COLOR]

First I know you have said before to get the kit from Bob at pressure tek But what else would i need I am guessing the pump runs of 12 volts so would marine batteries work. [COLOR=#b22222]We use 31 series batteries like big rigs do but Bob says that anything over 24 series will work. [/COLOR]

I understand the chemical that you also talked about but where do you buy SouthSide’s Snot [COLOR=#b22222]http://shop.pressurewasherky.us/Roof-Snot-Chlorine-Stable-Surfactant-For-Roof-Cleaning-ROOFSNOT1.htm[/COLOR][COLOR=#b22222] [/COLOR]

And when mixing say in a 50 gallon drum i think you said 4 parts sh and 6 parts water do i add cling on then to and how much and what about the SNOT [COLOR=#b22222]We use Snot. Cling on is now available. Use Snot. Don’t worry with the Cling On just yet.[/COLOR]

Final question
Do i get on roof and spray or from the ground i guess i just cover the area let it sit… [COLOR=#b22222]I was interviewed for newspaper article a couple of years ago. I was quoted as saying that I will walk the roof as long as I am comfortable doing so in my bedroom slippers, otherwise, spray from the ladder.[/COLOR] then rinse but do i rinse with a water hose from the water spigot or do i use my P/W and put a low pressure rinse tip on [COLOR=#b22222]We don’t rinse the roof. Mother nature is in charge of that. But we do rinse is the hell out of the vegetation. [MENTION=7835]Don Phelps[/MENTION] helped me a great deal when I was getting started. His rules were simple, the ground man controls the pace of the job, don’t fall off the roof and don’t kill any plants. [/COLOR]

There may be some roof washers in my area but i have never seen any and roofs around here are ugly mostly all shingle roofs

Thanks in advance

Joel Baker
Baker Cleaning Service

[COLOR=#b22222]What plans do you have to manage run off?[/COLOR]

Thanks a lot.

Run off I am thinking about the bag deal. But how thick of a bag. How big. And what if there is no gutter. Just rinse a lot.
How about the water do you use customer water to rinse vegetation

Also being I’ve never done it how do you go about pricing.
Also you just put chemicals on while another keeps things rinsed then leave it what if it don’t rain for a while

Thanks again man for your help

My prices are based on how long I think any given job will take. As you gain more experience it will be easier for you to figure this out. To me it all comes down to " did I hit my hourly rate?" I also add on a few $ in case I’m off a bit. Yes, one man spraying the roof one man keeping things wet. No rain is a good thing. The sun will break down the SH in a few day & when it does rain the only thing comming off the roof will be salt water.

We try to bill $2,000.00 per day. That does not always happen but you can not think of roof cleaning income as multiples of an hourly wage, you’ll never make it. Our roof cleaning starts at $385.00 and goes up to $1,995.00 for residential. Average (guessing) probably close to $600.00.

Algae needs rain to grow. If you find algae, the rain will be along soon enough.