What's everyone's current choice for surfactant?

I have been using Simple Cherry in my mix since I started. I remember a few folks trying out Elemonator when it came out and liking it. I like that it is a liquid. I run cold water only and sometimes I have issues getting all of the SC to dissolve. I am about out of SC and was going to see what the current choice was among the pros before I ordered anything.


eLemonator is the stuff! I love it.

Make the switch and don’t look back!

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I’ve tried Fresh wash Lemon, eLemonator and Cherry bomb with roof snot as the surfactant and if they are mixed properly as stated on the directions they all work great.
I think I like the Cherry bomb the best for scent but my customers seem to prefer a lemon scent so I may order the Lemon-Aid from Russ next. The eLemonator seems to mask slightly better than the fresh wash does and seems to be able to “eliminate” the chlorine smell leaving a slight lemon scent after, it wasn’t over powering so that’s nice. I found that the Cherry B and Elemonator both rinse really easy leaving the windows nice and clean where the Roof snot and Cherry bomb took a bit more time to rinse the suds away.

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Just ordered some Elemonator. Ready to try it!

Elemonator or ammonyx lo/ lauramine oxide…same thing from what I understand just no scent. I wouldn’t use simple cherry bc it is not bleach stable as in it will kill your mix. A pretty smell is not worth product down the drain.

Simple Cherry was a staple among most people who dealt with Bob before ELEM. came out. I used it exclusively and never had an issue with it hurting the strength of my mix.

Elemonator all the way. I started mixing in roof snot for added suds and cling(on house washes ). Also started adding rinsing agent, to help with windows. But I’ll never give up the Elemonator, it’s simply awesome! It enhances SH power and smells good too.

Not sure where that’s coming from Lee, we used Simple Cherry for 5 years and it never killed our mix. Once we had a batch that was like 3 days old and was still good to go.

We are on our third drum of elemonator since June. Awesome stuff. Rinses faster and keeps windows from hazing.

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Love Elemonator for house washes, screen enclosures and awnings, but don’t use it on any flatwork cause it suds like crazy.

8oz of eliminator in a five and I am golden, I tested sided by side all soaps this year and eliminator is my choice

8 oz is interesting. Maybe I’ll try that over the recommended 5 oz I have been using. Thanx!

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Anyone use the recommended ratio with good results?

We’ve used it all season and love it. 1oz per gallon of mix and downstream for us. Rinses well and just makes life easy. We like to keep it in a 1 gallon tip and pour container with the 8oz reservoir like this: http://www.gemplers.com/product/WEB171034/Tip-n-Pour-Measuring-Containers#TAB-INFO

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6oz Elemonator to a fiver for us…rinses well, never a problem with windows and have had mix stay good as long as 5 days

Good to hear, thanks! My first gallon showed up today. As soon as insurance formalities are sqaured away I will be giving it a try.

Elemonator, for sure. May occasionally add a shot of dish soap for extra stick on really dirty surfaces

My mix since I started has been 3 gallons SH, 2 gallons H2O, two scoops of Simple Cherry and a shot of green apple Dawn. I plan on just replacing the Simple Cherry with 5 oz. of Elemonator.

What strength SH are you using in that mix?