What you all think of the BE B4024HTBA model

the skid is painted which i’d prefer aluminum or stainless and the AR pump is a XW30.28 n what you think?

they have options of the general pump and comet in this model also

My man, I get it because I have analysis paralysis all the time, but the last 6 posts you have started have all revolved around some form of the same engine/pump combos… at this point it sounds like you’ve narrowed it down to the GPM and PSI you are looking for. Just buy the one you can afford and gets to you the quickest… you aren’t going to go wrong with any of the brands you’re looking at.

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Still waiting for those pictures you promised.

why do some hondas have genuine mufflers and others aftermarket i guess?

Genuine costs a lot more so they slap on a cheap one.

They’re cheap, get original……way better. Those aftermarket’s rust out and hard to get them off. In my opinion.


now thinking of the igx800 but but i don’t see them come in a carb version which i kinda want so might be stuck with a gx690

The 690s are tried and true. That’s what we run. The machine you mentioned has a few quality drawbacks but over all it will last you years. A bigger machine would always be my recommendation.

i know they are tried and true in a lot of ways but people say a lot of internal plastic gear issues. it seems like it does well but what are real world psi and GPM numbers? I do like more horsepower and the EFI but now it becomes an issue where you can’t work on it yourself. and the engine is only like $400 more over a gx690

My recommendation currently is still the 690. I meant the 690 over the 390

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