What would you use?

What would you guys use on this runoff that’s on this brick? Obviously I can use SH but is there anything else you guys would use to help bring it back? Or should I just use a bit of pressure? These are the worst areas on the building.

I would like to use Safe restore but I doubt he has the budget for that. lol

A nice house wash mix and some pressure will do the trick

I’m thinking i’m going to go that route

A strong house wash mix and a longer dwell time and pressure

Roof mix on the really bad spots and house mix on the rest. With all that moisture there’ll probably efflorescence afterwards, give them a heads up on that. When you hit it make sure your stream hits at an angle, if you hit straight on you’ll force more water into the brick.

Same answer. Also on something like that we have 8’wands or even an extension wand to hit the brick with. The less ladder work like this job should be the better.

how did it go? those stains can be tough to clean.

Haven’t done it yet / Don’t know if we got the job either.