What would you do?!

Hi Gents,

We attended a home to quote today. This timber cladding in question was on the front and rear deck ceilings. It will be impossible to Softwash the home without getting this stuff wet.

Clients are owner builders who supplied me with the attached brochure and care instructions of the timber at my request.

I will be recommending client waiver on this or a walk away from myself.

Let me know what you would do?

Thank you in advance for your 2 cents!

Thank you,

If anything looks, sounds, feels, tastes or smells like an experiment you should just walk away. Way too much easy work out there to be studying a ceiling.


Good mantra to work by.

The instructions are difficult to understand. Soinds like they should not get wet. Strange for an outdoor rated product. Ill second the walk away method

So moved and seconded…all in favor?

  • Walk away
  • Run away
  • Read about it more (then run away)

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Read about it more then run, Just because knowledge is POWER! lol

Gotta know what you’re running from :joy:

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Water fed pole soft brush


:heart_eyes: Swank, what’s the width on those boards you rekon? Maybe 1-1/2"? I counted a run and came up with a 1" estimate

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@dperez ,Hi ya sweet pea , hows life ?

Busier in retirement than I was running trucks

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I inch

I’d clean it, no problems. I like working in the shade. If they got the time and funds to install that thin custom stuff on a ceiling without face nailing it, then they got funds for me. Rags, brushes, poles, use manuf recommendations, collect check. If they let it get bad then call, then jack up the rate for the extra work. By the way, it can get wet, the manuf says to mix the chem and water to clean it. Could probably mist a section with a 12v mix per manu and then use a pushbroom & towel to rag it down. Think economy of scale, the larger the brooom and rag the faster it is done, but the wieght is the issue, so you can’t go too big.

Many moons ago I cleaned ceiling tiles in major office complexes, nothing different here. Don’t think house wash rinsing, think more of misting the surface and then ragging it. Tarps are your best friend on these jobs.

Oh yeah, wear a hat, or make a do rag, safety glasses are nice, and when working up keep your mouth shut or wear a mask. Little tidbits of years of work all yours for free. It’s like christmas here :grinning:

i dont think the question is really on how to clean that timber stuff, but rather how to not get housewash on it. and if it gets on it, then what?

Thank you to all who have replied. Much appreciated. After consideration, I corresponded with the client:

Thank you for the opportunity to quote your home.

We have researched the wood ceiling product front and rear and the recommendation to avoid exposure to water.

Our Softwash method produces incredible results however utilises high volume of water & detergents at low pressure.

Given the positioning of the wood cladding we would be unable to avoid spraying these areas as part of our clean.

On this basis we would be unable to proceed with the Wash as we always want to leave a home in a better condition than we found it.

Thank you.