What would you do if you were me? No wrong answers... lets here it

Unloader and block (is there a difference between the zk1 ($100) (EU version) and k1 ($130) (US version), they have different size outlets?) and a battery set up for the electric start are on the top of the list since both will be useful as is and can be reused when upgraded. I’ll look into fuel cell set ups… thats probably the way to go.

Maybe the threads are different. Mine came with BSPP threads but I just added some threadlocker blue & tightened the daylights out of it. I had to add a couple adapters to make it work. I already had a deep cycle battery for the 12v setup & it works great for electric start. A GX390 has to be gravity fed for fuel where a V twin has a fuel pump the will pull gas from anywhere.

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Everyone is overthinking this. Get a v-twin 8gpm, rest knowing that’s all you’ll need for quite a few years.


I don’t think my buffer (60ish gallons) is big enough to keep up and I don’t have the space to go bigger currently.


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Good to know, I’m more worried about the flow rate around here as I’ve had two close calls already.

I’ve had a few ‘outrun’ situations but you can feel it in the wand and just let off for a while, take a break.

I’ve considered doing a double supply hose setup, feed two separate hoses into a y-connector.


I keep seeing some with this extra outlet circled in red… can I seal that off if I don’t need it or would I be better off just getting one without it?

As long as you’re spending the money, buy both and let us know how it works out.

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Ha, I’ll have to read over the return policy first.

So, I did some testing today on my tank setup, turns out it’s only holding about 35 gallons out of the 50 (hudson float and low profile). Good new is my vertical tank just came in so I should be able to hold almost twice that… thinking holding off for a 8/3000 makes the most sense knowing that now.

You’ve got the best water in the world. I probably wait on water 3-4 hours per week with a 200 gal buffer, but once I start I’m rarely off the trigger. You’ve ogt to stop telling people that 50 is enough. You’re literally the only person I know that can do that.


So stick with 5gpm until I can get a bigger buffer… what’s the minimum for those of us that don’t live in the right area or have access to fire hydrants?

225 isn’t enough sometimes with the 8.5 and the 5.5 going at the same time. I’d say our average spigot output is probably higher than most areas and I still have to wait on occasion. We also have some neighborhoods that pump out over 12gpm from the spigots. Those are always nice.


Same boat as you….I’ll dual feed though and that usually takes care of it.

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I should’ve just listened to @Racer and kept my 330 gal IBC tote. He told me it would pay off having the extra volume. I always have to learn the hard way lol


Yeah I have 225 too……works 95% of the time. Notice it most when doing a lot of flat work. Bigger tank be nice but not absolutely needed in my case.

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Yeah I’m pretty much the same. I normally just take that timeout and get a drink or walk around wiping window frames or whatever. 225 is still the absolute smallest tank I would go with for anyone running an 8gpm or bigger.

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I agree with you there……

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Rick, I literally have almost no issues doing general house washing and concrete with my 50 gallon tank. Maybe once a month is it an issue and even then it’s just wait a few minutes, go grab a drink. I’m not on the trigger 100%, even surface cleaning, I suppose if you’re running that thing constantly it might be an issue.

I’ll refrain from suggesting a 50 gallon tank is enough from now on.