What would you charge to wash this?

First brick washing quote… owner of the masonry company is in my networking group… could be the start of something good… This entire area will be bricked top to bottom… Only for the new addition… not the existing church.

Also, what product would you use? The guy has one he has used that he knows works…

My main concern is getting the mortar off on the exterior… Would that not require intense pressure up close and personal for the entire surface area?

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I’m surprised the bricklayers don’t clean up their work afterwards. They usually use muratic acid diluted down to remove mortar.


I didn’t end up quoting the job, I’d rather stick to what I know and enjoy. Don’t forget, the search bar is your best friend. All the answers to your questions are here if you search hard enough. You’ll likely learn a ton of other stuff while searching as well.


They do… This one is just so strapped and short-handed that he would rather give me the work and keep his guys laying brick… he is 3 months booked up and can’t find mason’s to save his life…

Ahh looks like terrible work

I’d do some test areas and get paid in full beforehand

NMD 80. (Letters might be mixed up)

Or Muratic acid diluted


Haha terrible work because of the scraping off?

I keep seeing the NMD 80

All the answers are in the thread I sent you. Watch the videos. All I keep hearing is contractors are notorious for paying late, if at all… Once you realize the steps you’ll need to take to complete the job, estimate the cost of chemical and the time you think it’ll take you. After that, figure out how much you want to make per hour and add it all together. You can then divide that cost into ft or sqft and submit your quote. Asking for a CC number or payment up front might save you from late pay as long as you are confident you can complete the job. Good luck, keep us updated.

At least your bricklayer knows what he is doing that’s fairly clean work. If it all looks like that I would use what he recommends and a acid brush. Only real problem you may run into is weather


Third generation mason
Great guy in my networking group.

Probably the richest guy in your network too. Those guys are minting it these days. You’ll need the nmd80, a scraper and a long wand. Is it only the one building?

PS: Unlike the guy in the video use a facemask - those fumes aren’t great for your lungs


I’d walk away…not all money’s good money!

What makes you say that if this could be the start of something new? Relationships and credibility build businesses.

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But he has a boom truck… Racer, loan me 22.5k for this? haha

Don’t think you need that for a little 1 story building, lol

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As Patriot mentioned above I would go test an area. Maybe do like 20 linear feet and time yourself. Keep track of how much product you use. You’ll then have a better idea of how long the whole job will take you.

Some will say to walk away which I can understand if you’ve been in business awhile and have the luxury of picking and choosing jobs to keep a full schedule. I can also see walking away if it were a job that could get you in trouble. I don’t think this one is one of those though. Since you’re just getting started if I were you I would at least test an area and see how it goes. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal but won’t be as easy as washing a house or driveway.


The masons I know have brushes with a nail driven through the handle end. They mix muriatic acid half and half water and scrub the whole building and use the nail to pop off big pieces of mortar. It takes forever. You could probably streamline the process but it’s going to take a while.

I just don’t like dealing with any new construction stuff. They want the cheapest guy and that’s not me.

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