What would you charge? Patio/Cage

Come across this fun one today… wondering what everyone would have charged? I’m located in Tampa,FL so I have to be competitive but still have to make money haha.

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Whatever you charged get them to sign off on using the photo for advertising. Nice job.

wow looks great!

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How many pressure washers do you know that get people to sign off to use a picture as a before/after picture?


I do but only becuse I had an issue with it early on. Its a head ache waiting to happen if you dont. Especialy for printed materials.Better safe than sorry in my opinion.

Don’t take me the wrong way I’m not trying to be a jerk about it or sound like a snob. If you run into a lady like I did you’ll be happy you covered your butt. Nicest lady in the world till she thought she could get something for nothing.

I understand Sharpe and thanks for the heads up. I’m not using it for printed advertising, plus it was a vacant house being sold so I should be ok.


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Very close $225

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That would be $150 in my market…max.

Heck, I priced a BIG house today for $550…lady just grunted and said thanks.

I won’t be holding my breath on that one…

Really? I talked to a few other companies in the area and they all came in $250-300+. I thought I was fair for how bad it was as that normally would have only been $150 if it was in the normal range.

Looks good! $200.00

Quite the transformation.

You pre or post treat?

Downstream pre and post treatment. As the day went on it kept getting lighter and lighter.

What’s the post treatment? Just some more SH after you get done with it?

Ya depends on how bad or what stain is still left. If it’s something bad I’ll leave a strong 30-50% SH mix on it post treatment or if I just want to make sure it lightens up a little more I’ll leave the normal 20% downstream mix on it.

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He’s right. Its not a problem until someone makes it one.