What would you bid?

Alright I normally stick with with residental stuff but a return client of mine wants me to do the business he works for. It’s basically just the front of the store front and sidewalks. Total size of the sidewalk 214’ x 5.5’ and the building is appox 12’ tall under the covered areas and I’m guessing 20’ by the uncovered sides. Here are some pics to help my explanation.



We’d be around 650 to 750 from what I can see. Is there a water source? Parking looks full in pictures. Is there a 2 hour window when customer traffic is low? Do they want it done after hours?

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Where I live in NY we probably get 2-3x the price then where your at because of the much higher cost of living here. Figure a “realistic” price you want to net for the day(after business expense) and go with that.

I am in the 600-700 dollar range as well. Try not to follow the last guy’s surface cleaner stripes.

Yes Jason there is a water source and they are wanting it done on a Sunday when the business is closed.

That sidewalk is going to be a ridiculous difference when you are done.

Jason Young, The Window Guy
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