What would you bid for this?

I have been talking to the management company for a local Condo Association. I have already landed the window cleaning job for the common element windows in all 5 buildings.

The site manager has now asked me for a price to soft wash all 5 buildings. I don’t have much experience estimating buildings of this size, so I would appreciate some input from the forum members.

Each building contains 3 floors of residential units with parking under the building that half exposed. So the building is 3-1/2 stories with an occasional peak at the roof line. I am attaching pictures of 1 of the buildings. 4 of the buildings are the same size and the 5th is just slightly smaller. Please tell me what you would bid for the building in the pictures. Thank you for your help in advance.

Here are the rest of the pictures for this building.

sorry, the 3rd and 4th pictures are reversed.

Bob C.

This is a little off topic but howd you go about getting the bid on this job…did they contact you or you found them? I am in my 2nd year of running my company and i am trying to get my foot in the door on bigger more consistent customers

thanks isaiah russell

Any advise on pricing would be appreciated.


bump again. I can’t believe no one here has any suggestions on pricing.

Every community is different when it comes to pricing. Some always go with the lowest bids, others the highest, others the middle guy and some actually go with the guy with the best reputation. Sometimes the PM will only hire a specific company (friend, family kickbacks, etc…) but get multiple bids to make the HoA think he is doing his job.

My advice is just bid it to be profitable and hope for the best.

Bob, there are many variables to your question.

Do they want the whole 9 yards…i.e. patios? Gutter scrubbing? Parking area? Or just siding. What kind of equipment do you have? GPM? How many machines? Can you pull water from the buildings or will you have to get a meter?

I know what I’d charge, but we are set up for this type of large scale washing and could knock this out in a day to a day and a half…how long will it take you?

N.C. & N.J. prices are not the same.

I don’t think people will post up their prices on a popular well read board, out in the open for everyone to see…Think About it.

Maybe someone from your area will PM you a round about price.

Good Luck!

Just to clarify, is the stone work included in your bid? Did you plan to (rent) use a boom lift, or are shooting from the ground?

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The bid includes the stone and I will be shooting it from the ground.