What Water Fed Poles are you guys using?

I’m researching WFP’s what do you guys find works and doesn’t? Brands, models, etc

Reach It Mini, Currently… I wouldn’t buy another one though…

I em now eyeing the Unger poles but $3,000 for a pole is a hard pill to swallow

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Xero 3k from WCR. It’s a good mid-to-higher-end pole for a reasonable price.

If I were going to spring $3k on a pole, it would probably be a Gardiner


I’m running a Xero as well only the third one I have used extensively but it is by far my favorite. Everybody has there own preference but I like either 4 pencil jets or a rinse bar, I use different set ups depending on the type of glass. All in I think I paid around 1200 or so

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I’ve been hesitant to enter into window cleaning but I’ve been seriously considering lately after many requests. Following this thread

It’s a no-brainer to offer exterior only, post-housewash. This afternoon’s job, I made an extra $75 for an extra 20 minutes, tops. And that’s pricing it cheap. I know a lot of guys who do windows as an add-on to housewashing charge $8+/window. I flat rate it based on house size, but my pricing probably works out to less than $5/window.


You do that and you’ll be banished to the WCRA forum with all of the other yahoos.

I’ve been asked a dozen times or more and I always tell them that the area is so saturated with competition (it is) that it wouldn’t be profitable for me to even get started in. I need to form a relationship with one of the companies around here and start flipping them jobs for a kickback or something. I’d rather make a quick $20 for a phone call than actually have to clean windows myself and make $200. I know that’s crazy but I seriously bought in to @Innocentbystander’s recommendation to offer select services and stick to those. It has worked pretty well for me so far.


I was watching the Xero poles video by dan the window cleaner, and he brought up a good point about (collapsed height) having a short pole for Residential is crucial since we tend to work in tight spaces sometimes, and he mentioned the Unger was a tall pole collapsed… I’ll continue searching and looking into all the options before dropping the money on a pole

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It’s just money it’s not that expensive, have the options upsell and save ladder work, clean up from overspray, etc. I love making my customers happy and staying safe. Win win 1,500 all day another beautiful tool tucked in my van.

Which Xero? Model? I’m looking at the 40

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If i can make the window clean along with my housewash, and not an exaggerated price for equiptment, then Ill offer it. AS MENTIONED UTILIZING THE BLUE FILTERS

@DisplacedTexan , i used to be a window cleaner and still rip it on the side snd just met an old school window cleaner I can trust. It’s money on the table knowing the skill and not applying it to make money.

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Call this number 862-266-0677 or text this number Text: (862) 312-2026 they will walk you through everything you need and what system will best suit you.

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@Redjess i swear the house Mix always leaves a small but unacceptable level of residue to an ex window cleaner. It’s just money, I’m happy to spend it on my business, it’s not a frugal venture. Still either way man those marks have me in fear of the HouseWash. I follow guidelines run 3% with Elemenator from 12v to house and rinse with 8 gpm black tip.

Is there a better tip to buy for rinsing than a stock black tip, it works for me.

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Are you washing houses with 3% mix out of your 12v?

If you say so. I wouldn’t be interested in trying to break into it in my market but different strokes for different folks I guess. In the extra time it takes to clean windows on a house I could do my five arounds or drive to the next job and get started on it and end the day earlier and likely profit more than if I had taken on the WC. If it works for you, go for it.


Window cleaning is time consuming, it’s detailed work… and your right, you can me pressure washing and making money faster elsewhere

These are all true but I can pay out labor and makes like 6 times what I can. Send him alone on new jobs, come with me for old clients of mine who I will never turn away. It’s another tool I can advertise and makes me more well rounded. Pumped to get it. Work the cost in space and money to me and occasional time.

@marinegrunt yes its averaged at 3% whatever chef it to a good temp. It’s the residue white left on windows even when I rinse before and after

It’s has made for a really stressful time starting out in this house washing business. Literally one of my biggest issues. Spotted windows… please this is a cry for help and advice. You guys see my limits and buying equipment to solve that issue.