What type of roof shingle is this?

What type of shingle is this? I see some terracotta around sparsely but this doesn’t have the same smoothness. I have a 12 volt roof pump and can rinse with the 8gpm. Any help apreciated.
I only have cleaned asphalt roofing shingles but this prospect asked me to quote this roof im not familiar with. I am not sure I want to tackle this job unless I can soft wash from a ladder. Its way too steep to walk and lots of funky angles to get up in.

We actually got called in by another local washer to handle this one for one of his clients. I don’t remember exactly what they said it was…but it cleaned up awesome!


To add, we used a 12v and we virtually never rinse a roof (the other guy was washing the house behind us, so we told him post-treatment plant protection was on him since he was washing anyway), so we didn’t even really use the PW. She didn’t want us moving around the roof too much anyway, so it was mostly a ladder wash. I think he walked the peaks, then sprayed upward off a ladder (which you kind of have to do with that thickness going on).

Decra roof… If it’s really bad, plan to spend way more time than on asphalt shingles, you kind of need to spray from different angles.

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There is no way I’m getting on those peaks to rinse down. There are so many funky angles and a lot of spots are inaccessible unless you are walking it.
So I can rinse up from a ladder? Sigh. So much low hanging fruit that I don’t know about this one.

I’m going to price this up high because this looks like a all day event that is a headache from the looks of it


I’d price it at your normal steep roof pricing, and add maybe 25-30% for the extra time and chems to treat both down and up due to the thick ridges. Just spraying up from the ladder may work, but reaching up near the peak will be an art.

I’ve decided to pass on this one. It’s just not worth the headache. I don’t really trust the customer firstly and this is out of my comfort zone. Im not getting on the peaks and risking falling or damaging this old crappy roof and being held liable.


Pretty sure the stuff is metal…you aren’t going to hurt it. But I’m with you, I’m not a roof guy by any means, I just have a couple of guys who love it.

It’s clay based he’s said.

It’s metal with coating on top.

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