What to use one super stained concrete?

I have a job where the concrete is stained really badly from neglect. Black all over. I tried washing and bleach but it’s not getting it good enough. Any suggestions?

What kind of black stains is on the surface?

Oil stains, Acorn stains, Shit stains pictures would be helpful also please.


Just from neglect with heavy foliage.

No dentist here. Want answers? Gotta give some info.

Couldn’t be worse than this one I did yesterday. Dirtiest drive I’ve ever done I think.

This was what it looked like after going over twice

Hit with roof mix post treat - about3.5% with some snotmenade pretty liberally

10 minutes later

Talked to owner today and asked her what she thought when she got home last nite. Said she had to put on her sunglasses it was so bright when she pulled in, lol


Yes, need more info. Did you use a surface cleaner? Did you see a visible foaming action from the SH? If you are just blasting it with a gun then you can damage the surface.

Did this today, huge pain in the rear. Took much longer than a typical sidewalk. I was using 4gpm cold water. Probably would have helped to have heat but I just ended up laying down straight 12.5 with a pump up sprayer. Downstreaming wasn’t touching it. There were a bunch of little stubborn spots that only came out with the straight 12.5.


Nice truck


what chemical did you use?

I used 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite.

For those of you old enough to remember these pics remind me of the old ditty “Nuke 'em till they glow”. Yeah it was the “cold war”…

If its organic SH should do it

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