What To Do

Washed a house about four days ago, vinyl “cedar shake” and used my normal house wash mix with elemonator. Looked great the day of. Customer contacted me the next day and said her siding was “blotchy”, she sent me this picture. Anyone know what happened? How to fix? Is it oxidation or did the SH react with the siding? Thanks

Have you went and looked at it? A simple swipe of the finger will tell if it’s oxidized or not. In my experience the faux cedar shake doesn’t really oxidize and break down like normal vinyl siding.

Honestly I would let it sit for,a week, hopefully the rain and time will even out

My other guess is that it’s not vinyl shake…it’s Hardi plank shake that is painted or even fiber cement board shake that is painted. I’ve ran into it before thinking it was the fake vinyl stuff. Maybe the SH messed with the paint.

No idea just throwing out possibilities…

If it’s not oxidized, and 100 percent sure of the vinyl plank then I’d give it a week to rain and see how it looks. Looks like crap still re wash


I’m heading to look at it on Wed, I have some time then and tomrw is packed. She understood. It’s under the house in the center with open carports on either side. Idk if the rain is gona hit it. Will rewashing make it better? I also read about Spray 9 or F13 and wiping or brushing if it is oxidized? This is a first for me.

maybe it just needs a better rinse

I’ll let y’all know what I find when I’m on site, and try a rewash, then report back.

What we may have here is a failure to properly rinse. In the past when I have failed to rinse properly, I have needed to brush out the siding or go back and rinse the hell out of it. Having said that, it actually looks to me like you may have used too diluted a chemical wash. I would assume that I need to go back and redo the areas that have that nasty splotching, I would use a 2% solution on the areas that didn’t come clean. GOOD LUCK!

Orange residue when I rub my finger on the faux shake but house wash mix and brush did very little it’s a lake front home and I was wondering if any one would have suggestions. The A frame is what I’m trying to get clean

Ok so just an update. The issue is fixed. Thank everyone for their help. Since it was a small area, I put 2% mix in a pump up, sprayed it thoroughly and let sit for about 5 mins. Then rinsed very very well. After I packed up, the dried areas had no signs or spots or discoloration.


@Dwpowerwash the siding appears to be fine in the picture but that could be the pic. If the customer wants the orange residue removed explain to them it is oxidation. If it looks bad and you want to remove it try a degreaser such as the purple degreaser found in auto parts store. Pump spray a mix of 1 parts degreaser and 3 water. Scrub with a medium bristle brush and rinse with medium pressure. I removed oxidation using the above and rinsing with a white tip fan covering 2 vinyl panel widths.