What to do with a facebook page?

So, insurance is squared away, and so money is flowing out of the business. All Capitol was pretty much spent on the equipment so advertising Capitol is non existant. I’ve set everything up in the truck in a way that it can be taken down at the end of each day and tested it all out. I’ve done no cleanings of my own except for some rust on my chimney. I have no pics to post except of the rust, my truck is not labeled and its nothing to look at anyway. I’m also terrible at generating posts from nothing and am not the best conversationalist. So how did you get the ball rolling on your facebook when you first started? I don’t even have a logo for my page yet.

Howdy. I’m new too. I got my logo from someone off fiverr. I am satisfied with the logo and have gotten compliments from other members here and people on other forums. :slight_smile: I’ll give you the person’s name I used if you want… It only cost $25.

As far as pics go… Do your own house. Or find a friend, neighbor, family member… with a dirty house and ask them to do their home for free. Take some before & after pics. That’s what I’m doing. No one will know its my friends/neighbors/relatives/whoever’s house. I know someone with a really dirty house that they just moved into… needed everything: House wash, window cleaning, surface cleaning, before & after pics look great.

I got car magnets from vista print although to be honest… (I got them on sale so not that big of an expense) I probably should’ve listened to the people who told me to get vinyl lettering done on my vehicle. But its a personal vehicle and I don’t know if I want to do that just yet… I was riding on the highway going only about 60 and one of the fly off. Had to park turn around, park the car, and run to get it. lol.

A lot of people have said that canvassing (like door to door) is pointless and its a waste of time but I plan on doing that myself… Let people know who I am.

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Thx @sxz349. I read on the window cleaning page on facebook that guys make a killing on door knocking. I thought most would find it annoying but they seem to have success with it and said few get irritated so I’m going to do that. I wanted to hit the nextdoor app with an ad then go door to door that way someone may remember me from next door and it wouldn’t be my first time they see my name. But taking some jobs for free on a sat and sunday may be the way to go. Its not like it costs a whole lot. :+1:


Get some business cards made. Look as professional as possible. Not suit & tie… but a nice polo with your company name & logo. khaki shorts, a belt. Clean shoes.

I’d only take jobs for free for relatives/family members or friends. Thats just me. Good luck.

Facebook is a great tool if used right. Spend some time getting good content on their, services listed…before and after photos ect.

You have to spend money to make money through Facebook though (not always). But if your doing an ad spend $20 a day for 5 days (if your budgets low). Be specific on your targeting so it’s getting in front of the right people.

35-54 year old females with a home value of 300k plus has worked great for us. Obviously depends on your real estate value around you.

Also I never get calls from fb ads, all my ads re direct to a contact form on our website. If someone is online, they want to stay online. The chances of them picking up a phone and calling is a slim if they run across your ad.

A lot of ourncontact forms come in via email at midnight-1 am on the weekend

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Sadly fb took away the income demographic settings for ads. Probably too invasive who knows.

Home value is still available and is honestly a better measurable variable then income

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Pretty sure they took that away too. Or by the end of the month

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Yep. Home value is gone too, as is home ownership/renter status. Major bummer on that last one.