What to charge for this job?

Already gave a price which was for my fire cheif lol so I gave him a low price of 125 bucks for a driveway little walkway to the front door and one side of the house with algae. Realistically what is everyone charging for a job like this? I assume in the 300 dollar range ?

That will make a nice before and after picture on the driveway. Make sure to mark where you took the picture for the drive, so when you take the after picture they line up perfectly for advertising. The other thing I’ve learned (but I am not a pro) is make sure you take the picture in the same lighting (around the same time of day). Clear skies and cloudy skies make a difference in pictures. If you make the mistakes that I have and forget the after or think well I’ll come by tomorrow and get the pic (because it’s getting late or your tired or have another job), you get to see fresh tire marks/dirt/leaves all over the clean drive.

I can’t answer your question on pricing, it varies across the country. The standard answer given on this forum is figure out how long it will take and how much you want to make an hour. That is your price.


@Cchabot I second the before and after photos. If you are just starting up this can really be helpful.

Hard to tell how big driveway is from that view but you’re probably in the ballpark, maybe closer to $350-400

price the driveway at $.15 per sq ft and free sidewalk/walk way for been a chief