What to charge for power washing heavy equipment

Have a potential client needing several graders, inloaders and a 470G LC excavator clean up. I don’t even know where to begin on pricing?! Help!

What’s a grader? What’s an inloader? I know what an excavator is but I think you’re on the wrong h forum.

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Wrong forum? It’s a newbie question about heavy equipment. Road grader and an enloader. Google them.

We dont know your cost… how di you want us to tell you how much to charge?
You charge what u think is right for you period.

2f156da2e3e8117e1598 . How do we pronounce that. Love the effort


Thanks for the help

On Facebook there is a Fleet Wash group. They may be able to assist you better.

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It is not a newbie question about equipment. It is about someone to lazy to come up with a forum name, to lazy to research, someone to lazy to spell with an eighth grade education, and someone arrogant enough to have only a half dozen post here, all asking what to charge, telling someone else to google something. If hit a nerve or upset you, good. You can get defensive and posture, leave or research and figure out pricing on your own. I expect the first, wish for the second and doubt the third. Balls in your court.


I’d charge one moneys, give or take

I came on here to do my research using this forum as well as local competitor pricing. (Gathering a concensus and making a decision). I am new to this forum as I just recently was referred to it by someone who uses PWRA. Just because I come on here and have a question for a first-time job I haven’t done prior doesn’t mean you have to respond the way you are. And what is with the insults? 8th garage education? Lol It’s easy to be a tough guy with the keyboard in front of you. With the response you gave I assume you aren’t much of a professional in that you are not willing to help. Getting petty with your anwers and telling me I’m lazy? You don’t even know me. Do you actually try to help people on here? Or are you just a keyboard warrior and a professed know-it-all?

Thank you. Appreciate it!

I will stick with you being lazy. You didn’t come here to research. Your research stats show here for all to see. You have one hour read time and have started 5 posts. All asking how to price something. I didn’t intended to insult you and didn’t know you only had an 8th grade education. There is nothing wrong with that. Always strive to better yourself. I think I have helped a lot of people here. There is a floodgate of folks that come here asking to be hand fed info without putting in the legwork. You fall into that category. You can, however, get out of that category if you apply yourself. Next time you ask for help, maybe don’t snap at those trying to help like you did @Clean1. Showing that you aren’t lazy and are respectful to those on the forum is the surest way to get assistance. Do that and get results. Don’t and then your best bet is to probably pound sand. Good luck either way. My wife’s keyboard is this flimsy little thing so it probably wouldn’t help much in any warrior type confrontation, but I have some rabbits that will nip at your ankles so watch out.