What tip do you guys like for brick?

Just curious what you guys like to use, I have run into some really bad front stoops lately. I normally spray some roof mix on them and let them set a while then clean with a 2510 (4gpm machine) but some of them take a couple applications to get looking good. I assume most guys are using a turbo nozzle. I was planning on ordering one to try but figured I would ask first to see if there is something else worth trying.


Turbo nozzle is the way to go for brick.

If you’ve got a lower psi machine you can pick ome up at home depot for relatively cheap. Not sure on the quality but it definitely does the job.

Pre treat, then hit with 25 degree nozzle.

Turbo nozzle or one of the cheap surface cleaners from Lowes works better and quicker than anything that I have tried.

I think I saw Brodie mention a small surface cleaner, like an 8". I looked in Home Depot the other day but I only saw the 12". I think Northern has a small one. I’ll check it out, of course you still need to get under railings so I may have to go with a turbo if that is the best option.

I am getting them cleaned but it is becoming a time loser, need a better way


The surface cleaner is faster and might even do a better job than the turbo. I use the 12" model…it really works great. You can just take a regular tip and hit under railings.

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All the time. I plug these throwaway surface cleaners right into my short gun and zip over brick and concrete steps lightning fast. I think it cleans better than tips too.

I agree, it cleans great and is QUICK.

And, if there is not much walkway, I just go ahead and use it for that, too, as it is quicker than messing with the other surface cleaner.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate it


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check out this and the comment below it. If those stairs took more than 5 minutes after detailing corners I’d be very surprised.

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I pop it on a wand use it to run around the base of the house to hit that mold, too.

I absolutely hate to get dirt and bedding stuff blown all over me…it stops that.


It’s funny I read that thread when it came up and I never went back to read the end. Just what I was looking for, too bad it didn’t come up when I did a search. But then again nothing ever searches right for me. I am starting to think I don’t know how to work that either. LOL

Here is a section of brick wall we cleaned last year. I had one man pre treat a strong mix of SH with a dedicated 12 volt pump. I had two guys following with two 4 gpm machines, 25 degree tips. We were able to clean 1000 ft. of brick in one day and made 6k.


$6 a foot…you go, dude.

Great job!


Supplying water?

No, I had access to water, but it was limited. I carry 2-275 gal totes for jobs like this.

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I hold my surface cleaner to the wall with larger brick jobs. You can do it solo but its faster with 2 unless you take the full handle setup off and put a qd in its place. Its wicked fast compaired to a 25° tip and lance

Im sure they like it when you can get that job done in one day vs 2 or 3, do you charge more for that? Thanks

No. I calculate jobs by size and the amount of time it will take us to complete. I add 25% or more to the bid for unforeseen reasons like equipment failure, bad weather, or employee issues, things that would cause the job to take longer than expected. However, when everything goes as planned, and we finish before time I make more money.

What pressure do you use with the 25 degree tip on brick?