What the heck is this stuff?

Doing a building wash on a commercial building today, I went and hit everything with a 1% mix, didn’t work, bumped it up to 2% and didn’t work. I ended up just putting a full 12.5% to see if this stuff even comes out and it’s not budging with any SH %. (Hit the red circles with 12.5%) still nothing.

The only way I can remove it is with a good
Scrub down which I am not trying to do.

You have pretty much two routes you can go. Try a degreaser. See if it works. If not, then try an acid like Aluminum Brightener.

But, you should be upcharging for that. It’s important to let the customer know you will remove all organics. That’s inorganic.


Looks like atmospheric fallout to me. Basically whatever floats around in the air gets deposited under eaves with the wind swirling around, and it builds up over time. Some form of degreaser usually does the trick but you’ll want a pole and soft brush.


I’ve used OneRestore too on that stuff….

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What did you try, I tried SH at 1-12.5%. Nothing else. wow. I don’t get it, not knocking you but you list yourself as advancedPWashing. Kind of a misnomer.


I’m new to this business. Still learning some things as I go perhaps? Didn’t want to risk putting anything on this building that may damage the paint. Also I wanted to seek some guidance from people who know more? Never ran into this stuff before

If you have not read it, I would suggest reading the fallout thread.

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Very common around me, It sucks. De greaser and brush and a little hot water helps too