What surfactant is this?

So I was visiting with a power washing friend of mine back in SC who gave me a sample of some stuff he buys from a local place that is oily-based (or oily texture), clear, and smells like lime. Seller won’t tell him the name or anything, and I want more of it because it was AMAZING…got several compliments when used. Anyone know what it could be?

Thanks for anyone who can help!

Could be d-limonene?

I have no idea but I tired pro grip recently and loved it. Smells like limes

Who did he buy it from? Do they make it in house? The best answers you’ll get here will obvs be guesses. Honestly sounds a bit sketchy that he won’t tell you what it is… I would never use something that I don’t know what’s in it, that’s asking for a problem.

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My guess is he added the lemon lime scent to it

They have posted on here before, they gave out samples. I don’t get anything from them. I only tried two of their fragrances so far, the first I couldn’t smell and the second was quite flowery.

I agree but the stuff worked so well…I think he won’t tell because he’s marking it up like crazy…they may very well make it in-house

It is alarming that so many on here are using chemicals that they do not know the chemical makeup of.

Y’all do realize that you are legally obligated to maintain and be able to immediately produce a copy of the SDS for each and every chemical that you purchase and use for business purposes, right?


Yeah, that’s illegal. They are legally required to supply their customers with an SDS. There are perfectly legal ways of protecting proprietary blends and processes but they still must provide an SDS to all downstream consumers.


Bottle must be clearly labeled as well.