What sunglasses do you wear

I usaully wear $20 walmart fishing glasses but when pressure washing find myself pulling them up on top of my head alot especially when rinsing to see better. When i need them and go to put them back on they are fogged up like crazy.
Ive been thinking about a pair of costa del mars with 580g lenses but man the price is high.

What are you guys wearing?

I run oakley fuel cells.


Dont tell me these @SchertzServicesLLC I’d rather go blind.


I used to love Oakley when i raced dirt bikes i was a huge fan but luxottica the super company “luxottica” bought them out awhile ago and i dont trust them.

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I was looking a Oakley five squares but can’t decide.

They make me look phenominal. I mean really really really phenominal. And, i couldnt shell out the duckets for Costa’s lol

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Yellow tint Polarized fishing glasses always work best for me $10 at Walmart. Once the chem starts to eat the lenses there cheap enough to throw away.


Aftermarket replacement lenses are $20.

I already have those

Me too! Lol

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Didnt mean to say “they poo” lol wifes telling me to get off phone while grabbing it.:joy::joy: talk to yall tomorrow.


Oakleys for work

Ray Ban’s for chilling


I like them but yall should read about luxottica. Now really got to go lmao

So off the record I wore my eyeglasses in the past. If I was spraying anything stronger than DS I would wear a face shield.

I now wear contacts as of a month ago and I’m going to get some nice Oakley’s.

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I saw a 60 minutes segment about Luxottica a few years ago but it didn’t change my mind or make me want to avoid their products. It’s a fact of life that in capitalistic society’s that some companies will corner the market and control the prices. Luxottica is not forcing anyone to buy their products. Neither is Apple, Amazon, or Facebook, eve though they are major players that most people feel “forced” into using at some point.


this is what I have

The best

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Ouch. I am a cheap bastard! :grin:

Varies, I like some older Police brands, i love most of the oakleys, but my head/face is too big for almost everything. Currently using some circle k brand that look great, but poor lens clarity. Best clarity ever were my police brand.


Not bad. Are they polarized?.