What stone is this and SH?

Can you use sh on this?

Looks like travertine pavers. I just did a pool deck like this several weeks ago. I did a 1% mix, hit it twice and let it dwell for about 10 minutes, then 1200 psi rinse with a wand. It wasn’t too bad to begin with, so that cleaned it up great. Travertine is fragile, so I wouldn’t hit it with any pressure. The pool deck I did already had some of them with chunks chipped off.

How this wall looks like marble

Travertine pavers did couple of weeks ago. HW mix, surface cleaner around 1900 psi. Cleaned up great.


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What happens when you seal with clear sealer on porcelain or any of this stone . Does it make it tacky or screw it up?

Looks like Travertine.

SH all day! You can surface clean it but low psi.

It’s real hard to damage it, but use common sense

PS: Charge accordingly we charge more for natural stone period

Depends, you may need to add some grit to it so it’s not slick

nice job on the pavers Racer . 1 % mix ?

Not even that, probably about .07. Standard hw mix with an 8.

Use a penetrating sealer for a natural no gloss finish. Should not be tacky at all since there is no enhancing “glaze” on the top. I would sub out a large travertine deck like that for the sealing if you dont know what you are doing, fixing a bad seal job can go into the thousands for that type and size deck.

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the Travertine was tough. With all the deep holes i first had to blast it all out with a turbo nozzle and the joints. then I 1" and went over it with the surface cleaner . I’m Looking for a 14" or 15" surface cleaner that can just attach to my want with a 1/4" but also use mega nozzles ???

This is my only surface cleaner, it’s the Surface Maxx from Lowes for around $150. Nozzles are replaceable, it’s it stainless steel, comes with three caster wheels and sprayskirt bristles. I’ve had mine going on 3-4 years now and it’s still going strong…well as strong as it can with my 3.5gpm washer.

Sheesh, you’ll be lucky if you don’t own a bunch of ruined travertine. No one, anywhere has ever mentioned using a turbo nozzle in cleaning travertine in the history of mankind.
It’s very soft, much more so than Limestone. It’s mainly Calcite. If you force a lot of water into you end up with a big pile of calcium.

I didn’t have any problems with it . seems rock solid to me racer. and I did buy the lowes deal the wheels are nice but also a pain in the ■■■. also mine shakes like hell bought a second one and it doesn’t " GO/ kick in" with my K7 unloader. Those 14" BE ones with no wheels i had like 2 of them and it seems like the spinners were not machined right where the tops are facing more down than angled