What size x-jet?

I currently have 2.1 and 3.9 gpm washers. I hope to upgrade to 5.5 or 8 gpm before too long. Should I go for 3.5 gpm x-jet or? Can i use that on the 5.5 or 8? I have an x-jet DS nozzle. Any reason I should go for the fixed nozzle x-jet? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Found a post recommending 1 size down. I am going to go with the 3.5 gpm size. It should work with the 5.5 and possibly the 8. :+1:

I believe it’s just like using an undersized ds injector. You may have some reduction in flow, but you’ll get a maximum draw rate.

You’ll also have the option of throttling back your flow with a ballvalve before the gun, and getting even higher draw rates at a reduced pressure.

My xjet is modified the way a lot of guys have done, with a quick connect to use my jrod. I usually put a 6” lance between the xjet and jrod, to smooth out the flow a bit.

I shortened my draw tube to around 2.5 feet, and just carry a gallon jug in the other hand when I need to lay on a hot mix of bleach or OneRestore


You can buy different size orfice inserts for it when/if needed. They are inside of the housing and can be changed out for about $20


do you have a picture to share of your modified X Jet?


One Restore says to use undiluted. I think the best xjet does is like 3:1 or 4:1, one restore works well diluted that much?

Depends on what you’re cleaning. I believe OneRestore was originally formulated for removing hard water stains from glass. But even for that purpose, I’ve heard people have a lot of success diluting OR to 1:2 or 1:3.

All I know is, using the xjet without any proportioning tip was plenty, plenty strong enough to remove all sorts of stuff from siding. I lost all my proportioning tips long ago, but I choke back the flow a bit with a poly ball valve and still get great results.

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Sorry for the delay. Cleaning out the truck and found it today. (It doesn’t get used all that often)

Here’s what I usually break out instead for quick OneRestore jobs, since it has the screw in proportioning tips, and naturally draws a little less than a standard xjet, anyways:

^ That’s a two-step soft washing gun of my own creation.